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WTR Cassia Resort Condominium Jalan Raja Uda

Discussion in 'Penang Property' started by frankiesoon, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. For Rent: Cassia Resort Condominium Jalan Raja Uda
    Location: Raja Uda, Penang
    Type: Condo/Serviced Residence
    Price: RM1600
    Size: 1200 sqft

    Strategic Location
    Cassia Resort Condominium at central of Raja Uda ,Butterworth
    Prensently tenaned until end of January 2019
    Asking Rental RM 1600 Per month
    Fully Furnish and Reno
    1 Car park
    for more infomation and arrange viewing, Please contact Frankie Soon at 012-4736818

    6359bb97-ef61-47ae-a648-6fc6cd4d167d.jpg 1a436155-7c4a-4b43-955a-7d916ffb3823.jpg 6fb24fa6-9b80-4fb1-9501-56852c25dab7.jpg 503ecbd6-264d-4c44-8736-5907483d0e96.jpg 555a0f77-2a65-4c90-b6c0-0ed4f4af94a9.jpg 753b3785-b6c5-453f-9e49-6f546b0d431e.jpg 14775593-4fe9-4168-8d34-28b2068d2326.jpg affb56c8-6b8b-4a3f-9752-3d08e5b0faf7.jpg f2e7040c-0b28-40a2-bcb4-58fa89c9b616.jpg f8e28e16-0009-4630-9d71-0c8c83ff6924.jpg Cassia Resort Condominium Jalan Raja Uda,Condo/Serviced Residence,

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