WTS Double Storey Terrace at Taman Indah, Bukit Tengah

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    For Sale: Double Storey Terrace at Taman Indah, Bukit Tengah
    Location: Bukit Tengah, Penang
    Type: Terrace double storey
    Price: RM368000
    Size: 1800 sqft

    Strategic Location
    Good secured quiet neighbourhood.
    Good access to highways, public transport, shopping centres, foodoutlets, schools.
    Not affected by flood.
    Double storey Terrace house at Lorong Terinai, Taman Indah,Bukit Tengah for Sale
    Land area : 20 x 70 = 1400 sf
    Built up area : 20x45x2=1800 sf
    4+2room 3bath, 3balcony, 2kitchen, 3 living room, washing area, 2 indoor carpark
    Renovated to maintain orignial look from floor, wall, ceiling n roof. Repainted 5yrs ago.
    Renovated on windows, doors, 2 partition rooms, carpark.
    Upgrading of 2 type ofwater system, added water tank, taps.
    Extension and upgrading of electrical plugs ard 40.
    Installation of 3 1 horse power inverter panasonic aircond, 1 2hp inverter panasonic aircond, 1 1hp beko aircond.
    Instalation of 14 exhaust fans, 6 ceiling fans, 1 wall fan, relocation of all ligthings.
    Installation of 5 aircond meter.
    Newly redo roof worth rm9800.
    Please Call Frankie soon 012-4736818 for more infomation and arrange viewing
    Reachable via malay village route during flash flood that last ard 20 to 30min.
    427c058e-d5f5-40c8-9c59-195e1a97de19.jpg 2c886ac2-984c-4b64-bbb3-99ca27de0b0c.jpg 9fc7712b-c4e2-40df-8f55-a7f65a6724e6.jpg 148e3df9-f4b9-4e46-b299-0af9364e4744.jpg d50e15a0-1b70-43ab-ad26-e066d3680787.jpg e5c43d57-2e8d-46cc-8ede-566259a6be1d.jpg

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