WTS LaCosta at Sunway South Quay, Bandar Sunway

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    For Sale: LaCosta at Sunway South Quay, Bandar Sunway
    Location: Bandar Sunway, Selangor
    Type: Condo/Serviced Residence
    Price: RM850000
    Size: 1331 sqft

    LaCosta @ Sunway South Quay Luxury Condominium For FIRE SALE (LAKE VIEW)
    *For viewing please feel free to call @ Irien 012 5253122 or irien.property@gmail.com Ren 15539

    Below Market Value
    Size: 1331sqft, 2+1rooms 2baths,
    Lake View
    2 Car Park
    SPA Price : RM1,045,000
    Minimum: RM850,000

    For viewing please feel free to call IRIEN 012 5253122 IRIEN.PROPERTY@GMAIL.COM)

    TO OWNERS: Owners are encouraged to appoint us as an agent to assist you to sell/rent out any of your properties in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, feel free to call us as we are glad to serve you~

    -Accessibility and Connectivity -
    1) By Train LRT & KTM at your doorstep via Malaysias first elevated BRT- Sunway Line
    2) By Car 6 major highways and future direct access to KESAS Highway
    3) Walking Distance Sunway Extream Park, Canopy walk connecting Sunway Pyramid, Sunway University, Monash University Malaysia, Sunway Geo and Taylors University Lakeside Campus
    4) By Bus Free shuttle bus to nearby amenities at Sunway Resort City.

    Lacosta-A_Marine-_Nautica-_Sunway_Geo-_Lake_-Sunway_Pyramid_1__8_.jpg Lacosta-A_Marine-_Nautica-_Sunway_Geo-_Lake_-Sunway_Pyramid_1__9_.jpg Lacosta-A_Marine-_Nautica-_Sunway_Geo-_Lake_-Sunway_Pyramid_1__10_.jpg Lacosta-A_Marine-_Nautica-_Sunway_Geo-_Lake_-Sunway_Pyramid_1__11_.jpg Lacosta-A_Marine-_Nautica-_Sunway_Geo-_Lake_-Sunway_Pyramid_1__13_.jpg Lacosta-A_Marine-_Nautica-_Sunway_Geo-_Lake_-Sunway_Pyramid_1.jpeg Lacosta-A_Marine-_Nautica-_Sunway_Geo-_Lake_-Sunway_Pyramid_2.jpeg Lacosta-A_Marine-_Nautica-_Sunway_Geo-_Lake_-Sunway_Pyramid.jpeg Lacosta-A_Marine-_Nautica-_Sunway_Geo-_Lake_-Sunway_Pyramid_6.jpeg Lacosta-A_Marine-_Nautica-_Sunway_Geo-_Lake_-Sunway_Pyramid_7.jpeg

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