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WTS Saffron Hills Taman Bukit Subang Elmina Denai Alam

Discussion in 'Selangor Property' started by sarah, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. For Sale: Saffron Hills Taman Bukit Subang Elmina Denai Alam
    Location: Denai Alam, Selangor
    Type: Terrace double storey
    Price: RM790000
    Size: 2507 sqft


    WhatsApp_Image_2019-07-26_at_16_33_10.jpeg WhatsApp_Image_2019-08-14_at_12_14_44__1_.jpeg WhatsApp_Image_2019-08-14_at_12_14_45__1_.jpeg WhatsApp_Image_2019-08-14_at_12_14_45__2_.jpeg WhatsApp_Image_2019-08-14_at_12_14_45.jpeg WhatsApp_Image_2019-08-14_at_12_14_46__1_.jpeg WhatsApp_Image_2019-08-14_at_12_14_46__2_.jpeg WhatsApp_Image_2019-08-14_at_12_14_46.jpeg

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