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WTS Taman Sejati Klang 2Sty Semi D 40x90 1280k

Discussion in 'Selangor Property' started by Zeff Tan, Apr 9, 2021 at 12:02 AM.

  1. For Sale: Taman Sejati Klang 2Sty Semi D 40x90 1280k
    Location: Klang, Selangor
    Type: Semi-D
    Price: RM1280000
    Size: 3200 sqft

    For Sale
    Taman Sejati, Klang
    Semi D House
    Fully Extended & Fully Renovated
    Land size: 40x90 sqft
    Built up area: 3,200 sqft.
    4 Rooms and 3 Bathroom
    Home Feature :
    -Designer Home
    -Whole house with Plaster Ceiling Including Toilet Area
    -All Room Fully Design with built in Cabinets and Bed frame
    -Security Back Door Stainless Steel Door
    -Full Stainless Steel Window Protection & Wooden Frame
    -Fully Whole House Water Heater System With Copper Pipe
    -Construct Spiral Round Staircase
    -Fully Extended For First Floor Bedroom1 & Bedroom 2
    -Dry & Wet Kitchen Fully Extended & Renovated With Built In Cabinets
    -Full Car Porch Extended With Flooring Mosaic
    -Car Porch Stainless Steel Gates
    Electrical System:
    -Full LED Light & Crystal Pendant Light & Chandelier
    -100Amp Fuse Three Phase TNB Power Supply
    Selling price: RM1.28mil
    Zeff Tan 0198403023

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